Lex Flynn 

Reiki Healer and Spiritual Counsellor


Hello my name is Lex Flynn I am a healer and spiritual counsellor from Tunbridge wells, Kent.

I do both reiki and hands on healing styles. 

I started consciously healing about 2 years ago and have a certificate in healing awarded to me by the West Kent Healers. I have helped quite a few different individuals with physical, mental and spiritual issues. 

When I work I channel my true universal self to awaken the universe in my client and allow healing to occur. As well as major internal changes, my clients have also reported interesting and powerful changes in their life circumstances.

I normally start the session with a conversation aimed at getting to the root of the illness I am being asked to treat. I believe that all illnesses, mental or physical, start with emotional issues.  To me this part of the healing process is just as important as the healing I give with my hands. 

I have been on a very transformative spiritual path for the last 9 years. During this time I have worked with many powerful spiritual beings both physically and metaphysically. I have had many life changing experiences and transcended very deep past trauma. I am now being guided to lead others down the same path that I have walked. 

I also work with two other healers doing house clearings. So if you need any form of energetic cleansing or entity removal done on your property, we can come to you.


You can scroll to the bottom of this page to hear more directly from my clients in the testimonial section

So if you are in or near the tunbridge wells area and need some healing then please contact me below


Even in the darkest corners your light burns untouched.


For the first session I charge £20 - this gives us a chance to establish whether we can work effectively together without giving you too much financial commitment.  Once I am sure that I can help you, the charge will be £50 per session. 


My sessions don't run for a set period of time but will be ended when it feels right, normally 40 mins to 1.5 hours.

A session won't always include healing or reiki. Sometimes we have to build a foundation before healing can be performed.

I am located just outside tunbridge wells in between, Southborough and Speldhurst. 

For house clearings normally a bespoke price needs to be worked out.  The charge will be a minimum rate of £60 and may increase depending on the size and intensity of the job. 



Forget the chase, for you already have what you seek.

Nurture your your self, because only self appreciation has no price.

Be your body, be the earth and you will find the universe within. 

These are keys to heavens door.



Get In Touch

Please use the form below to contact me.

You can also call me on 01892 533842 and ask for Lex, or email lex_afl@msn.com.

If you have Whats App you can also text me on 07940145793 as I have no  mobile signal where I live.


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