My early childhood was a mixture of ups and downs, I felt unappreciated and struggled to fit in. I always felt as though I was on the outside and that I was never welcome anywhere. It wasn't until I began to get bullied at school that my mum decided to start home educating me. This was enough to give me the impression of freedom but was really just withdrawal, as I came to find in coming years when I returned to school to do my GCSE's and the bullying returned in a far more severe fashion. I was left completely broken, unable to think, breathe or feel without distress.  My life started to crumble before my eyes. But I knew there was a way out. I just had to find it.  

I tried many different avenues to try and give my life some meaning and ease the pain, but nothing worked. Luckily for me life refused to reward my efforts to find redemption until I discovered what the pain was trying to show me.


Astral projection was my saviour. I stumbled across a site to do with astral projection and instantly felt something deep within me tugging at my attention. For the next few months I lived and breathed to have out of body experiences. I quickly started having some profound and life changing out of body experiences but did not, at that time, realise that this was the beginning of a much deeper pathway through to a higher way of being.

Over the next year I explored many different spiritual avenues until I finally found my self with a copy of A Course in Miracles at my finger tips. ACIM gave me my first taste of what it truly meant to align my self with the divine; to step out of the fog and into clarity.

After studying the course for about 2 years I had an experience while I was helping build a new kitchen in my parent's house. I stood up and suddenly felt myself fly backwards out of my body and into my back garden. I hung there as a patch of aware space. I had no boundaries, lines or borders. I was free. There was still a focus on this patch of space above my garden, but if I looked out into the distance I could feel my self there. This lasted about 10 seconds then I was pulled back into my body. Not knowing what to do with this life changing information I casually went back to building my kitchen.

Before this experience happened, I had been having experiences of seeing my self from behind almost like consciousness was just pressed against my back but not actually in my body. However, once I reached the climax of this stage of my path, I had to let go of these experiences as I was aware that they had begun to contradict what was to become my true spiritual calling.

The next stage of my path was all about finding the same freedom I had when I was out of my body, while still remaining firmly in my physical vessel, and even while identifying myself as a person. During this stage I have learnt how to align my self with divinity without effort and without changing my internal or external environment.  I simply use the awareness that I am the divine in every moment to bypass and transmute whatever adversity I face in my emotions or circumstance. I have also spent a lot of time balancing my head with my heart.  As a head centred being I have had to learn the importance of opening and nurturing my emotional self.


Over the last nine years my time has been spent mostly on developing my self.  Two years ago I joined a spiritualist group. Here I learnt I had the ability to heal and completed my healing certificate, since when I have healed quite a few people of illness both severe and slight, as well as helping people with general spiritual evolution and healing of the soul.

I have also done quite a few house clearings, including energy clearance, entity removal from both places and people and increasing the vibration of properties, so that the problems don't return.  


Throughout my path I have taught my principles and understandings of the universe to friends and family, but now I want to help the world on a larger scale. So if you feel drawn to the energy of these words then please contact me.